What is FIT Rugby?

Fit touch is a version of non-contact rugby. Read more about it on the Federation of International Touch website.


A video guide to Fit Touch Rugby:

Why FIT Touch?

Alexandria Rugby wants to expand participation in youth rugby.

We know that nearly half of our current youth players WILL NOT immediately move on to tackle rugby.

Offering FIT Touch rugby for grades 5-8 will bolster and expand participation in youth rugby, provide a bridge to tackle for those continuing to develop and grow, and allow injured tackle players a safe, fun and enjoyable environment to continue to develop their skills. 

Adding a FIT Touch program aligns with Rugby Virginia’s Mission to teach players.  It will also build numbers and utilize players and their families to grow the sport and recruit teammates. Providing this pathway for players active will improve the health of our clubs through their participation and growth in the sport. 

This is a positive paradigm shift to a more inclusive and diverse program that advances gender and player inclusion and promotes new growth through a rugby program that evolves as our children grow and shift through adolescence. 

We will work with the DC Galaxy Tag team (see adult touch rugby) to develop the FIT Touch program with their players who have competed at international level and reside and play locally. It benefits us all to, not only, be aligned with them, but also learn and build skills, and develop and deliver that next generation of players and fans. 

Registration for Summer 2021 FIT Rugby is available now!