Alexandria Rugby tag is a coed program for children starting in last year of preschool through fourth grade.

Tag rugby is a great introduction to the basics of rugby. Each age level adds skills, starting with passing behind you, staying behind the ball carrier, building to uncontested scrums and line-outs.

The tag game is based on Rugby 7s – 7 players on the field that focuses on passing and speed to be successful. It is a great way to learn the fundamentals of the sport before going on to tackle rugby.

We are part of Rugby Virginia and you can find additional information the specific laws of tag there.

Alexandria Rugby takes exceptional pride in being an inclusive organization that wants children to have fun, participate in physical activity, learn to be respectful and be part of a team.

There are no tryouts or elite teams; everybody plays and we have learned that we can have better competition and more fun by mixing different levels of experience and talent on a team.

We have a modest fee that covers field rental, equipment, and uniforms (that the kids get to keep) and are firmly committed to the idea that high registration fees should never be a reason a child does not come out and have fun.


There are three seasons of tag Rugby.

Fall Fun League: A great way to come and try out the game and meet the other families and see how much fun the kids and parents have at Alexandria Rugby events. Fall Fun practices are Sunday afternoon from middle of September to middle of November. We will usually get together for an afternoon or two with other local clubs to have some fun scrimmages. Registration fee for 2019 is $40 and includes a t-shirt and shorts.

Spring Fun League: Like the Fall Fun League, Spring is Sunday afternoon fun sessions to come and test out the great game of rugby. It runs from early April to the end of May when the summer season starts. We will usually get together for an afternoon or two with other local clubs to have some fun scrimmages.Registration fee for 2019 was $40 and includes a t-shirt and shorts.

Summer Season: This is the primary season of tag rugby, which runs from June till late July. There are two practices a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00/7:30 and games on Saturday.

We play teams from Richmond, Culpeper, Loudon, Vienna, Great Falls, and Springfield. Clubs share hosting responsibilities so there is travel to games, but is usually no more than 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Registration fee for 2019 was $100 and includes a Canterbury jersey, t-shirt, shorts, and socks.

Age Brackets:

  • Pre-K/K = Final year of preschool and current Kindergartners
  • 1/2’s = Grades 1 and 2
  • 3/4’s = Grades 3 and 4